Sunday, December 20, 2009

My son the child of divorce's Christmas lists

At his father's house:
1. Lego Batman-Arkham Asylum set
2. Lego Indiana Jones-Temple of Doom set
3. Lego Batman-The Batcave set
4. Lego Indiana Jones “The Adventure Continues” video game for PlayStation 2
5. Lego Star Wars “The Complete Saga” video game for PlayStation 2
6. Lego Batman-Bane and The Riddler’s Hide-out set
7. Lego Batman-The Joker’s Ice Cream Truck set
8. Lego Star Wars The Clone Wars-Assassin Droid Speeder set
9. Lego Star Wars The Clone Wars-Anakin and Ashoka’s Y-wing fighter set
10. Lego Star Wars The Clone Wars-Pirate tank set
11. Lego Indiana Jones-Campsite Duel set
12. The “Marvel Superhero Squad” video game for PlayStation 2
13. Lego Spongebob- Good Neighbours at Bikini Bottom set
14. Lego Spongebob- Build-A-Bob set
15. Lego Spongebob- Emergency Room set
16. Lego Star Wars- Midi-scale Millennium Falcon.

And at my house:
1. Lego Star Wars- Death Star set
2. Lego Star Wars- The Battle of Endor set
3. Transformers- Optimus Prime
4. Transformers- Metroplex
5. Transformers- Wing Saber
6. Transformers- Leobreaker
7. Transformers- Cybertron Defense Hotshot
8. Transformers- Megatron
9. Transformers- Starscream
10. Transformers- Crumplezone
11. Transformers- Dark Crumplezone
12. Transformers- Ransack
13. Transformers- Ransack GTS
14. Transformers- Scourge
15. Transformers- Nemesis Breaker
16. Transformers- Undermine
17. Transformers- Menasor

He knows he won't get everything but he believes that the more he puts in the more he will get, and every year he puts in more and gets a smaller percentage.

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