Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Piano recital

I went to my son's piano recital. He played Camptown Races, if that's the right name, and Ode to Joy, which I love.

The way it was set up his music was in front of his face, so all I could see in a narrow band below the music and above the keyboard were his little pudgy fingers.

At first I wondered why they set it up so we couldn't see their faces, but then it occurred to me that these folks at this music school leave nothing to chance, and it was probably so the kids wouldn't be distracted. He told me later that he had been a little nervous; I told him that was okay, that everyone gets a little nervous. Seems like good practice for the really nerve-wracking things that happen later in life, but I didn't tell him that, although I believe it.

Then he got a trophy and two cookies. One of the other kids asked for the cookies during the program.

I told him afterwards that I was very proud of him and that as a reward he gets to remain my son. He said, "Yeah, that's the best award!" So there you go. When the gypsies call to take him off my hands, I'll have to push them off again...

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