Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lessons learned at my college reunion

Lesson #1: The people who were nice then are still nice and the people who were snobs are still snobs. People don't change.

Corollary: Those that do change a little bit change for the better. No one gets worse. That's a bit of good news.

Lesson #2: My son doesn't mind being bored if it's just the two of us, but he doesn't like being bored with others.

Because I didn't want to pay top dollar for a hotel room, I stayed in the dorms. The bathrooms were, as they have always been, down the hall.

Lesson #3: I don't like using a bathroom down the hall.

Corollary: There's always someone else in the bathroom with you. Even at 6 in the morning, and you know these people were out drinking all night! I can't do bathroom stuff with other people in there, not anymore!!

On the other hand, my son didn't mind the bathroom situation at all. He'd announce, "I'm going to the bathroom!" Okay.

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