Sunday, May 4, 2008

Borrowing to unborrow

It's a fact that when you borrow something you usually have to return it. I borrowed a desk from my mother and father years ago and recently they decided they needed it back.

So I asked the spouse from whom I'm free to borrow his truck to return the desk--I would give him my car in exchange for the time period in question, so he's not stranded. Not such a complex request for anyone else, but a difficult one for the King of Nonsensical Explanations.

A sampler of the type of crap he can come up with:
"You can't borrow the truck because I have to get eggs."
"You can't borrow the truck because I have to go to Philadelphia."
"You can't borrow the truck because I might go kayaking in three weeks."

Which is all a version of: "You can't borrow it but I'm not sure why and I can't think of a good reason but there must be one so here, here's one that popped into my head..."

I finally asked him enough times that he ran out of his kingdom's currency... and so that too is now done. Desk returned!

I think it was Ben Frank who said: neither a borrower nor a lender be. But that would not work at all, for anyone.

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