Thursday, April 24, 2008

Work tears

I took my son to Take our Daughters to Work. He wants to be a cartoonist when he grows up and I'm trying to present him with some possible alternatives, you know, office work.

They did a nice event for the kids, there were presentations on diversity and security, and a scavenger hunt, and he seemed to like that, we had lunch in the cafeteria, I introduced him to lots of people, and so on, and then he sat in my office and played Spongebob video games on the computer, which made him cry.

On the way out of the building I asked him if he might like to work in a place like that someday and he said yes and I asked him why, thinking, you know, was it the diversity, the security, the cafeteria, all the people, and he said: I liked playing on the computer. Which was the one thing about the day that made him cry!... And that's not what we do at work!... That wasn't the point!...

I ate a nice leftover conference room prosciutto sandwich. It was really delicious.

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