Monday, April 28, 2008

April is stress and anxiety awareness month

I received this email from someone who won one of my eBay auctions:

"I have just won the bid on your item. I am interested in bidding on some other items you have for sale. How long would I have to continue bidding in order to have everything ship together to save on the shipping cost?" I replied and explained, I'm easy.

Five days later, from the same person: "I sent an e-mail about 30 minutes ago [actually, no] regarding combined shipping on more than one bid. I just saw paid for my item and at the end saw the note to wait to pay until finished bidding on all items. I have two questions: 1) how much time is allowed to continue bidding and wait to pay for all items 2) since I have just paid for my item - can I still bid on other items and will you still combine shipping - if so for how long can I continue to bid. Thank you in advance for your responses." Oh, my!! The stress in her tone! It's ok, whatever you want is fine, really. It's just me here...

And then, 10 days later, are you ready for a completely unexpected turn of events? Here goes: "I have completed my bidding. Please ship as soon as possible. My son's birthday is this coming week and we would like to receive them in time for his birthday. Please confirm via e-mail that the item has been shipped and the approximate arrival date. Thank you." Way to turn the stress completely around! I'm the one who's stressed now! Now I'm supposed to control the post office, I can't control when the package will get there, and the child's entire worldly happiness is in my hands... I... can't... take it!


Dana Seilhan said...

People on eBay... *shakes head* Occasionally you get a humdinger.

me said...

Don't you, though... :)